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About Us

We are a team of trauma-informed clinicians who are passionate about caring for women and non-binary people and supporting them in their physical and mental healing journey. Our team has a diverse and extensive combination of clinical expertise, training, and treatment techniques allowing us to collaboratively care for our patients.  We are committed to lifelong learning and achieving the highest degree of education and expertise in our field both locally and nationally. We work closely with local and national experts in gynecology, sexual medicine, orthopedics, nutrition, mental health, urogynecology, colorectal, vascular specialists, and pain management, when appropriate, to provide our patients the best possible care. 

We fundamentally believe that our bodies are built to heal and to be the place where we experience love, joy, pleasure, and purpose.  We are thrilled you are here and are honored to have the opportunity to walk alongside you on your healing journey.  

Meet Our Team

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