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We are so glad you are here. 


If you've made it to this page, you may be wondering if therapy is something you're interested in. 


We offer online therapy for individuals throughout Ohio and work with individuals from all different backgrounds with a variety of concerns. We aim to have an interdisciplinary approach, a one stop shop for women who are wanting to feel understood and supported. 


Life can be hard. We know that first hand and aim to make a difference in helping women feel heard and comfortable. Therapy can be intimidating, but know that it can be unique to your own needs. It can be short term (a few sessions), or even long term working through complex issues. We hope to meet you where you are with an approach that is tailored specific to your needs. 


Finding that perfect match is important to us. If you are unsure about therapy and wanting to learn more, please reach out for a 15 minute consultation free of charge. 

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