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In Ohio, patients have direct access to physical therapy without needing a referral from a physician, midwife, or other health care provider. Occasionally, an insurance provider will require a referral in order for you to be reimbursed for physical therapy services so it is suggested that each patient verify with their insurance provider whether pre-authorization is required to be reimbursed for out-of-network physical therapy services.


Please note that Elevate Physical Therapy is an “Out of Network” (OON) provider and does not contract with any insurance companies and, in accordance with federal regulations, is unable to serve Medicare B recipients.  

This means payment for services is collected at the time of service (cash, credit card, check, flexible spending account, or health savings account) and that you are responsible for submitting a claim to your insurance provider. At each session, patients are provided with a detailed superbill that may be used for self-submission of claims. 

This model of care allows us to provide affordable, personalized, one-on-one care with the same doctor of physical therapy each visit and, as a result, patients are able to achieve their desired outcome faster and at less expense. Clinics that are under contract with insurance companies are forced to allow the insurance company to dictate what treatment may be received and for how many visits.  Additionally, in a typical PT clinic, patients are often double and triple booked as the busy therapist bounces from patient to patient or are seen by a different physical therapist or lesser-trained physical therapy assistant or aid each visit. This results in less personalized care and poorer patient outcomes. Our patients often reach their goals and graduate from our care after using fewer physical therapy visits than when compared to the national average for traditional model of PT. 


For those interested in understanding their potential level of reimbursement for PT services, please contact your insurance company and inquire about benefits covering “out of network physical therapy” and applicable deductibles.


As a small clinic providing one-on-one care, cancellations without sufficient notice can be difficult to rebook.  As a result a cancellation fee, equal to the full rate of the appointment, will be applied to appointments cancelled with less than 48  hours notice.  

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